DOT testing, training & consulting services we offer

If you own and/or operate commercial motor vehicles over 10,001 pounds to transport either property or passengers in intrastate or interstate commerce, DOT Compliance & Safety Solutions LLC is the right safety partner for you. We’re your complete resource for Department of Transportation training and testing services, transportation business consulting, and compliance reviews. Call today to find out how DOT Compliance & Safety Solutions can make sure you get and stay compliant and avoid excessive DOT fines that could harm your reputation and your bottom line.

Just some examples of what we can do for you:

  • CSA BASIC Score Analysis
    We are experts at identifying deficiencies and helping you develop remedies for: Unsafe Driving, Driver Fitness. Fatigue Driving, Vehicle Maintenance, Substance Abuse Testing, Cargo Related, and Crash Analysis.
  • DOT Records Check
    We analyze your DOT mandated company files in order to gauge your compliance status. This can be done on an as-needed basis or prior to an announced DOT audit.
  • Compliance Reviews
    We act as your safety representative during a DOT Compliance Review and prepare action plans if needed.
  • Driver Qualification File Startup and Custody
    We assist with the hiring and qualification process for your drivers. We can also prepare, maintain and take custody of all driver qualification files, contents and documentation.
  • DOT-Compliant Driver Safety Training
    We provide on-site certification training as well as Hazmat driver training.
  • Drivers License Reviews
    We conduct periodic (or as needed) reviews of all employees’ driving history and records.
  • DOT Substance Abuse Training and Testing
    We offer complete training, and can manage all aspects of substance abuse testing as mandated by the DOT in Parts 40 and 382 of the FMCSR.
  • 49 CFR, Part 395 Hours of Service Training
    We offer training for drivers and management on proper log preparation to help you comply with differing hours of service rules.
  • Quarterly Safety Meetings
    We perform company specific periodic safety meetings.
  • IFTA/IRP Reporting
    We conduct, monitor and calculate your company’s highway mileage and Road-Use Tax.
  • OSHA General Industry Safety Training
    We offer both 10 hour and 30 hour courses.
  • AIB Food Safety Site Reviews
    We can help you prepare for and score well on Food Safety Audits.
  • Asset Management
    We save you valuable time by managing your vehicle registration renewals, titling, and other asset documentation.
  • Carrier Accident and Roadside Inspection Monitoring
    We monitor your active profile through the MCMIS report, which tracks a carrier’s roadside inspections and chargeable accidents.
  • Commercial Drivers License Training
    We help prospective drivers obtain a commercial drivers’ license.
  • Forklift Training and Certification
    We provide OSHA training and certification for forklift operators.
  • Stormwater Assessment
    We provide assessments of your location’s stormwater compliance and its environmental impact.
  • Hazmat Security Plan Development
    We can create a comprehensive Hazardous Materials site security plan.